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-Made from 1 ¾” DOM Tubing

-Designed to add style at a lightweight advantage

-Roof is made from aircraft grade .065” thick 6061 Aluminum

-Quick and Easy Install with added rear 6th point mounts

-Adds strength and rigidity to your chassis

-Color match your ACE cage, or even contrast the roof and cage tubes (custom colors available)

This lowered, flat top look offers the added strength you are looking for while still maintaining the aftermarket look for even adults. These cages are must have for any ACE owner and get rid of the small goofy looking factory cage.

Add a little flare and color to the cage by picking out custom color or even have your roof and cage tube colors contrast. We pride ourselves in all our parts fitment and quality. They are designed, tested, and developed by UTV racers and drivers living this industry…


SKU: IMG-PO-1095
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